PostureFit Kit for Herman Miller Aeron A / B / C


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Original brand new Posture-Fit Kit for Herman Miller Aeron Classic A / B / C.

The flexible backrest supports a health-promoting seating position
PostureFit is the backrest for the latest generation of Aeron Chairs. In addition to the ergonomic seat, it provides a health-promoting seating position while working at a desk. The result is painless sitting and patient work without getting tired even during long sessions guaranteed with the PostureFit Kit. It fits those sitting either near the back or at the edge of the office chairs. As opposed to the lumbar support, the PostureFit mechanism is also effective if you are not tilted back.

The severity of the PostureFit pressure can be individually adjusted using a rack. The pressure on the pelvic support mechanism can be adjusted from hard to soft. The size of PostureFit depends on the size of the Aeron Chair.

It works – thanks to years of research!

PostureFit is the result of years of research conducted by Herman Miller and Dr. Brock Walter, luminary of medical sitting furniture. Physiotherapy studies that were considered in the development of the Aeron chair have shown that the stabilization of the pelvis positively affects the whole posture. The PostureFit system opens the angle between the trunk and thighs to achieve the perfect fit of the pelvis.

With the Aeron Chair in profile, you can see that PostureFit closes the gap between the pelvis and the backrest. This improved contact also supports a natural and relaxed alignment of the back. In doing so, it also supports the natural flexion of your spine.

The PostureFit Kit consists of several parts: two clips, a screw, a control mechanism, an upholstery and a wishbone with PosturePad.

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